Adobe Photo Uploader for Facebook

Adobe Photo Uploader for Facebook 1.0

Uploads images to the Facebook social network
Directly upload images onto your Facebook account without going through a web browser. Requires Adobe Air installed in order to work.

Adobe Photo Uploader for Facebook is a Facebook client made with Adobe Air. This light-weight application was designed to make photo uploading to Facebook easier, but it also can function as a very limited Facebook client.

The application shows you your home tab along with access to your friends and a ticker with new status updates. It also shows if you have new messages or friend requests. However, whenever you click anywhere, the link will be opened in your web browser and not in Adobe Photo Uploader for Facebook. That is the reason why I say it is somewhat limited.

Regarding its photo uploading capabilities, the application does make everything a bit easier, if it works. Uploading photos with this tool is as easy as adding your photos to the queue and selecting an album. However, currently (August of 2010), when you try to select an album for upload, the application hangs while trying to load your account's albums, so you can't upload pictures. This error renders the application useless. Although I know that this hasn't always been this way. I had used this application in the past with no problems whatsoever. I know Facebook changes all the time and usually developers play catch-up to get things fixed. I am sure that Adobe Photo Uploader for Facebook will work again soon.

José Fernández
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  • It provides a nice, multi-platform experience


  • The app didn't work during my test
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